Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Homework Should Not Be Abolished

1. Doing homework helps students to understand lectures better.
Home assignments play an important role in reinforcing the knowledge that is learned from school. In all probability, it is hard for students to digest all the information in class at once. By doing exercises, they have a chance to review the lecture and understand them better.

2. Homework aids the retention of knowledge and information that are learned at school.
In fact, not so many students are able to quickly commit the knowledge to the memory. In addition, some knowledge is extremely difficult to learn by heart and is easy to be mistaken with others. For example, complicated concepts, formulae in Math, chemical equations, etc. Homework, therefore, provides learners several opportunities to meet the knowledge repeatedly and helps them not to forget it easily. What they have learned, therefore, becomes their own knowledge.

3. Homework sets a firm background for the following lessons.
A careful preparation for the following lessons is instrumental in making a good performance at school. For example, certain kinds of assignments such as: pre-reading, answering some questions, etc. provides students with a general view for the next lessons. Thanks to homework, when listen to the teachers and receive new knowledge, students stand little chances of falling in perplexity. This explains the reason why students are usually expected to be ready for classes. In addition, having no concern with new lessons may result in boredom and ignorance. Consequently, students probably lose their interest in learning.

4. Homework stimulates students’ personal development.
- Creativity, flexibility: there are usually ways galore that lead to the final results. Homework encourages students to be more creative and flexible in figuring out the most convenient way. Problems occurring during doing exercises provide students with chances to brainstorm and handle them.
- Independence: Homework encourages the habit of self-study at home.
- Inquisitiveness: Difficulties in learning are unavoidable. Homework with various kinds of exercises varying from familiarity to strangeness demands students to find other sources of information and learning materials besides course books and lectures. This encourages students to try their best to find a satisfactory answer to the question. They may ask their teacher, friends or parents for further instructions or research themselves. Research skills are promoted effectively.
- Responsibility and self-awareness about one’s educational process: It is students not parents or teachers that are responsible for their educational process. Homework is a good way to clarify that point. Students are of great responsibility to complete their assignments to make progress in their learning. Self-awareness about learning, as a result, is increased.
- Time management and organizing skills: Homework helps students learn how to balance between studying and playing. They would manage how to distribute their time to meet a deadline or to complete a project. Self-study at home is stimulated without reminders from parents.

5. Through homework, teachers will learn more about their students’ pace of acquisition.
Without homework, teachers seem unlikely to control and ameliorate students’ pace of acquisition. Homework plays a vital role in judging students’ performance in learning. Teachers mark their students’ work; their helpful feedback, therefore, boosts students’ confidence.

6. Homework completion and academic achievement are believed to have a positive relationship with each other.
Evidence shows that the amount of time students spend on doing homework increases their achievement in educational process. For example, Keith and Cool (1992) confirmed that students’ achievement can be increased from the amount of time they devote themselves to completing homework (Bempechat, 2004).

7. Homework helps to enhance the necessary connection between school and family.
It provides an opportunity for parents to learn more about their children’s schoolwork. If any problems should occur, parents could contact with the teacher for solutions and vice versa. This bond of cooperation helps adults to discover, stimulate children’s strengths as well as reduce drawbacks.

8. Homework helps to increase parental involvement in their children’s schoolwork.
Parents are expected to help children in their home assignments. It is said that thanks to parental guidance, intellectual development of students is fostered. Parents, with their socialization practice and experience, have a good impact on children’s belief and attitude towards education that is not only valued in school but also worthy of attention at home.

9. Homework encourages peer-interactions with others in learning or completing a task.
Homework sometimes is designed in group-work, which requires a closer cooperation with other classmates. This kind of assignment enhances the spirit of teamwork among students. They have to learn how to distribute work with one another appropriately to fulfill their task.

10. Homework enhances students’ recognition of the value of effort and willingness to face with difficulties.
In order to be successful, one would have to exert himself. Completing exercises helps students to realize how valuable the effort they give to succeed in doing something is. No matter how difficult it is, where there is a will, there is a way. Without endeavor, improbably, one could accomplish nothing.

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