Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Importance Of Reading

1. Reading is power
“Not every reader is leader, but every leader must be a reader” (Harry Truman)

2. Reading is a basic academic skill of an individual built.
It is so difficult to do everything, even reading road directions or filling in a form, if you are a poor reader in today’s society. That is the reason why reading has seemingly become the top aim in primary schools.

3. There is a correlation between reading and academic success.
Reading and other skills such as writing, speaking and listening have a strong correlation, which create the building blocks of life. A student can read well, which means that he may be a good student in school.

4. Reading widens your knowledge in all corners of the world.
Books, magazines and newspapers are great learning sources which endlessly provide people with knowledge. Good readers can grasp much information about life so they can gain knowledge in many fields and have many topics to talk about. Moreover, a man who is a good reader can train himself in some particular fields he is or feels interested in. In contrast, nonreaders or poor readers may have low opinions and illiterate people are easily misled because of their lack of knowledge.

5. Reading develops the mind.
The brain needs to work so reading is a good chance. It has to concentrate on what you are reading and thinking about the written words to hold the ideas, problems, implications and many more others of the writers. Hence, you can improve your focus and understanding skills.

6. Reading helps to develop communication skills as well as writing skill by the expansion of vocabulary.
It is the best way to acquire the large vocabulary whose meanings are understood better when placed in sentences and context. With such large vocabulary, communication seems easier, more flexible and more interesting. Besides, a poor reader will face troubles in using words when it comes to writing.

7. Reading increases creativity.
Reading about the diversity of life with rich information is to help readers develop creativity. Readers are attracted by the content of books, newspapers and illustrations which give them imagination of the story’s circumstances, actions and happenings. Also, they may guess out the next part of the book, novel.

8. Reading improves disciplines and memory.
It is always better to set a schedule for reading. Gradually, reading does not only inculcate a good habit but it also improves your disciplines. If you do not use your memory, it will be so difficult to remember the content that you read. So reading is a good way to practice your memory, which is restricted by the flow of time.

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