Monday, July 2, 2012

What Qualities Make An Ideal Teacher?

1. Zeal
Nothing but zeal can make a normal teacher become a remarkable man. Students cannot remember well the lessons that they have been taught; however, things that their teachers have said or done can create a strong impact in students’ mind. Therefore, if teachers express their enthusiasm for the subject they teach to students, students will be filled with excitement and inspiration to study this subject and vice versa. An ideal teacher stimulates a desire to study along with enhance students’ knowledge as if they can transmit their zeal to students.

2. Erudition
In students’ eyes, teachers are reliable mentors and problem solvers of academic work so an ideal teacher must be profound and knowledgeable about the subject they teach in the class. The more satisfactory answers teachers come up with, the more faith students place in them.

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3. Creativity
Another thing, teaching is not an easy job. It is not just showing or relating what is in the books, but teaching requires teachers to find understandable explanation and illustration in an interesting way. An ideal teacher should be creative to make their students fond of studying and curious about the subject by using a variety of methods, which makes lessons interesting and helps students remember them well.

4. Impartiality
Students never respect the teachers who differentiate between good students and bad ones despite how much qualified these teachers are. An ideal teacher always gives a real mark for the standard of students’ work and helps the slow improve their ability to understand by using appropriate methods instead of desolating them.

5. Compassion
Students may be too stressful, serious and cheerless to study effectively with the teachers who are unapproachable and taciturn since classrooms are places for teachers and students to discuss lessons and other educational activities. A good teacher is solemn and earnest in the classroom to keep his class in order; but outside the classroom, he is a best instructor, guide, friend of students. Which makes teacher-student relationship blossoms and students will keen on studying because they feel more confident whenever raising questions or sharing what they do not understand.

6. Generosity
A person who is lenient with others’ mistakes and uplifts instead of scolding them is an ideal teacher. Whenever his students run into trouble, he willingly tries his best to support those overcome difficulties. His encouragement is valuable assistance and powerful motivation for students to progress in the future. Especially, an ideal teacher never compares advantages and disadvantages on helping students in hardship.

7. Patience
Ideal teachers must be patient and persistent. Their main responsibility is imparting and expounding lessons in detail to students. When students do not understand, teachers always explain by any ways until they have grasp. When they raise any question, teachers do their best to give perfect answers. Furthermore, if students do not do homework, teachers will ceaselessly admonish them to finish it.

8. Receptiveness
An ideal teacher should be willing to listen, accept new ideas because they cannot force their students following their suggestions if they even are not willing to adopt others’ suggestions.

9. Courtesy
On one hand, the politeness of teachers makes students treat them with respectful manner. On the other hand, this kind of personality can reinforce a vivid image about an ideal teacher in students’ hearts and shape up students’ personality.

10. Flexibility
An ideal teacher is a person who is able to tackle unexpected problems and adjust a new situation quickly so that he can deal with different kinds of students as well as difficult questions at once. If a teacher lacks flexibility, students may think that he is inexperienced and no longer admire him.

11. Sense of humor
Although sense of humor is not really one of qualities to become a teacher, it is necessary to be a good teacher. In other words, a teacher without sense of humor cannot be a good teacher. Students will rapidly get bored and avoid taking lessons. It is so serious!

12. Diligent- going beyond the call of duty
Having passion is not enough; an ideal teacher cannot lack conscientiousness and sacrifice. An ideal teacher faces up to many responsibilities towards their students. Besides educational duty, he takes their background and difficulties into account so that he can share his own experience and encourage them to study for a bright future. Each of his advice is vital equipment for students’ lives.

The information, which teachers impart, is secondary. Only their personality leaves a lasting impression on each of students.

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