Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping

Advantages Of Online Shopping
1. Online shopping could be done from whatever place you like, just with internet connection
Just surfing the internet at home, work places, or schools enables you to approach a chain of online shops and a wide variety of goods.

2. Online shopping could be done at any time, at which you are working, studying, or even others are sleeping, etc.
Online shops open 24 / 7 hours a day from Monday to Saturday. It is so convenient for those who are busy and do not have much time due to a back log of work and a family’s life, so buyers could place an order even at 2 am or at which they are over head and ears in work.

3. Online shopping helps you to save money
Items and goods at online shops may be cheaper than at the traditional brick and mortar shops with several mouse movements and clicks.
+ Online shops needn’t make a payment of hiring a physical space and equipments for showing their products. Suppliers just make a fee payment on creating a cyberspace, on which online store could be built up.
+ Many items are sold directly to the end-users, not through a number of intermediaries.
+ Discount coupons could be collected for reducing the prices.
+ No parking fees, no gas for your car.
+ Buy things with an average price and do not be charged top dollars due to your luxurious appearance and unsophisticated face.
+ Quality of items and prices could be compare from many different online shops, so you could buy what you want at a cheap price, or even sometimes get a real bargain.

4. Online shopping helps you save time
It takes no time to push a shopping cart around every corners of a supermarket and wait in line in front of checkout counters. It is not necessary for you to change your clothes, make up and prepare anything for going out of the place you feel comfortable such as a own house or a cool office. In addition, traffic jams and distance movements could not take any time from you.

5. Balance your budget
Online shopping helps you effectively reach a decision of what should buy or not. Regularly, you tend to pick up a lot of things attracting your eyes into a trolley and are tempted by promotion programs at a supermarket, for instance. In the contrast, at the online shops after selecting items, you could count the total amount and choose what you really need one more times owing to no pressure form shop assistant and no attractions as a physical shops. Therefore, you could avoid the shortage of money at the end of each month.

6. Gift coupons are available in online for the special days of your family member or friends.
Instead of buying the present that makes you confused, you just buy a coupon at the online shops they often visit and have it send to them. It is exciting for them to choose what they like most.

Disadvantages Of Online Shopping:
1. Security and personal information
The most concern that the shoppers are worried about is security and privacy. They are afraid of hackers, who often steal the password and money in their credit card. Therefore, shoppers should choose a credited and prestigious shop website, which offers high protection by encrypting customer’s private information into a cipher that hackers could not understand.

2. Cannot see the reality of the goods before buying
A picture of items handled by graphics programs makes you unable to see its real size, color and quality, so you could make a mistake of purchasing it from an online store. In addition, you do not know what sizes of items such as shoes, clothes, and footwear will suit you well. Therefore, before placing an order, choose credited stores where they sell items with a high quality or the shops you do shopping frequently from which you know what sizes is suitable for you.

3. Hard to give back the items you bought from a shop
Returning and exchanging goods at an online shop is harder and more complicated at a traditional shop when you discover that the items you bought is not exactly what you have expected. Therefore, it is a wise to read conditions of return policy, so in what cases you can return it such as technical errors, particular items not suiting you, or unwanted goods etc.

4. Higher price than normal if including shipping charges
It could maybe be more expensive than purchasing on the high street due to delivering a small quantity of goods. While doing an online shopping, you feel that goods are so cheap if you just look at the net price attaching to the picture. When the goods are delivered to you house, you properly get a shock on glancing the bills including net prices, taxes, and especially delivery fees. It is better to check the total price before placing an order.

5. Online shops could close suddenly.
While you are doing an online shopping with an exciting feeling, your feeling could be broken due to connection malfunction such as power cut, virus attacks.

6. Make people lazier.
Owing to the high technology, you do not need to do many hard tasks such as washing clothes by hands, long-distance walking, and routine tasks. Due to online shopping, you do not want to go out of your comfortable shelter and you just like sitting at your house to surf the internet or make a phone call for daily meals.

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