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Failure Is The Mother Of Success

1. What is failure?
Failure is simply a state or condition when you cannot do something successfully. In other words, failure is opposite to success. It is an inevitable and certain thing which happens to everyone from the elderly to children, from the rich to the poor, etc… because no one is perfect.
Whenever someone fails, you may hear people say “failure is the mother of success” to cheer up the person. Why do people say so? And what does it mean? Let’s have a look at some points below.

2. Failure is the mother of success
2.1. Failure makes you wiser
“In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time.” (Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book). Failure teaches you what to do differently the next time because after being failed, you will ask yourself “why did that happen to me?” “why did I fail to do that?” and you may realize the causes of your mistakes, then find other ways to solve or avoid them.

For example, Thomas Alva Edison had to undergo so many experiments, and most of them are failures but he never stopped. After a failed experiment, he found out a new method for the next time and he kept doing like that over and over again. Finally as we all know Edison became a great inventor who had 1093 patents for inventions and was the first person to have invented light bulb. His famous saying is “I have not failed; I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. There are a few ways to success but hundreds or even thousands of them leading to failure. The most important thing to remember is whether you are ready to learn from your own failure or not.

Do not think that you are stupid when you fail, even when everybody laughs at you because although you cannot achieve what you want now, at least you are wiser and maybe succeed in the foreseeable future. Instead of complaining and suffering like most people, successful ones try their best to get out of their own problems the next time. Failure teaches them that.

2.2. Failure is motivation
Winston Churchill said “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” The desire to be successful makes people try their best to achieve what they want no matter how many times they have failed. After failing to do something, at first you feel very depressed and disappointed, you may feel all people in the world are against you: friends may laugh at you, parents may be disappointed by you, lover may be indifferent to you. But later, it is the motivation for you to do everything in your power to prove your abilities, to stop other people from laughing and thinking that you are foolish. Failure is a good force to work hard.

After 7 elections of presidency with failure, Abraham Lincoln finally became the 16th president of United States; he had not been elected until the 1861’s election. Being through many failures, he was, of course, depressed but he never gave up on himself, he was determined to prove his abilities, and he worked hard to do that. Finally he became one of the greatest presidents in United States’ history.

2.3. Failure is a necessary preparation
It is obvious that all people in the world want to be successful in life, but the number of successful people is always less than the number of people who fail. However, every successful person has been through failure at least twice in their lives, even more times than other people. Henry Ford declared bankrupt twice before being a pioneer of automobile industry.

It is a necessary preparation for the future. Thanks to failure, they can do things more wisely and skillfully because they have enough experience and their will is trained well; they have already been prepared for everything. Imagine that failure is the ladder to success if you want to achieve success, you will have to step on failure.

2.4. Failure helps you understand the real values of life
Failure is a signpost that helps you realize the right direction on the way to success. You cannot understand yourself and how important your families, your friends are until you fail. Because when you fall down, you realize you are not alone, you still have your family, you have friends who are always willing to be beside you, to give advice and help you, even though at first they may laugh at you.

J.K.Rowling is famous for her series of the very successful books “Harry Potter”; you maybe do not know that these “magic” books are rejected 12 times before finally being published. When a journalist asked her why she could stand up and continue writing no matter how many times she was refused; she said that her daughter’s encouragement in hard time helped her a lot.

2.5. Failure or success, it totally depends on yourself
Above all, your perspective when facing with failure is the most important factor determining whether you are successful or not. “Failure is the mother of success” does not mean that waiting for failure to be over and success will come to you without effort.

As for some people, failure is indeed mother of success, they control their own fates; however, as for others, they believe in their fates and do not want to change it; failure is the end of their lives, just like the end of a film, when it comes they give up, accept what they have and never do anything except for complaining.

You are not failed until you give up completely; of course, everyone sometimes wants to give up but only successful people still try even when they feel hurt. It is worth learning new things even when you feel panicky, isn’t it?

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