Monday, September 3, 2012

Importance Of Geography

Geography is a scientific study concerning about lands, terrain, geographic effects on human, and environment, which gives a great deal of supports to improving the quality of life and helps the life more exciting. Here are the key importance of geography

1. Contribute to the development of technology:
Geography opens a miraculous door for us to enter the vivid space with high technology. With its help, Science is more and more developed so that we could use many useful applications owing to the geographic data. For instance, the most useful application of GIS (Geographic Information System) helps to locate the position, and show us the shortest way to reach anywhere we want and so on. Furthermore, with the help of geography data, human being could invent three-dimension televisions creating the stereoscopic images.

2. The world shrinking into our hands:
The world becomes smaller and the distance is shorten and easier to find due to maps, diagram and related applications for many of our purposes such as travailing, finding the way we have lost, etc. In addition, you just stay at home with internet connection, then it is an easy for you to know the location of any nations with the information of distance, population, etc as well as its color pictures.

3. Make us smarter and inflexible:
Geography interacts closely with policies, economics, environment, landscape and diversity of culture. Learning a great deal of its knowledge helps us to make better and wise decisions. It is also better for our career due to our conscious mind, judgment as well as the knowledge resulting from geography. Through geography, you may know where is beneficial and suitable for your business, too.

4. Estimate the natural disasters:
Many countries throughout the world have experienced natural disasters such as volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes, which kills a lot of people. In addition, our environment is polluted seriously leading global more warming, which brings natural disasters bigger. Those nations invested into the geography field have decreased the losses of human and their assets. Based on geologic investigations, the government could give a vital decision of evacuating its citizen for avoiding financial as well as human losses.

5. Know the world well:
Geography helps us increase the knowledge of places and communities in the world, which includes the history of the rise and fall of a country as well as its culture based on the landmark and boundaries. In addition, with the human geography information, we could know which civilization had existed on earth and how wonderful it brings to the world. Owing to the geography science, you have surely known the existence of the Hanging Garden of Babylon, one of the seven ancient wonder. You could know how they used to live, what achievements it got, and its historical process.

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