Monday, September 3, 2012

Science Has Made Man's Life Comfortable

Science Has Made Man's Life Comfortable And Less Sufferings
From the past, science always plays an important role in improving people’s life, making the life more comfortable, exciting, and more adaptive to the environment. With its supports, many impossible things will be turned true and people will go further in controlling the natural world. Science has brought many miraculous gifts to the human-being.

1. Communication:
In the old days, letters or messages could not be sent within a second to a relative or friend immediately, even too late in some cases due to a so-long distance. Owing to its invention, it becomes easier and takes a little time for people to exchange information simultaneously via video telephones, computer with internet connections, fax, telegraphs, etc.

2. Transportation:
Science has invented and improved many means of transportation with the purpose of making a vast distance as short, quick as possible. Trains has been improved by a combination of the horse- carriages’ railways and steamships, which takes less than a day to travel from one state to the next one, as well as costs a cheap price. People could use any kinds of vehicles that are suitable to their circumstances to reach the anywhere in reasonable time, regardless of a large distance. It is also hoped that in the future, we could go to any place in a twinkle like opening a miraculous door.

3. Entertainment:
Today’s standard of living is improved and better than the past, owing to the inventions of science, many kinds of entertainment are available anywhere, even at your house. Just sitting at your house without moving out, you could enjoy a dinner with your friends or relatives and watch TV, computers, radio, etc for relax. If you want to enjoy the outside environment, there are many well-equipped entertainment options like zoos, cinemas, bowling, billiards, golf, etc, suitable for many social stratification

4. Business:
All business transactions are done quicker and easier owing to the inventions of science. Skype application, for instance, is more effective and cheaper to discuss with partners around the world, who is far from thousand miles away. B2B websites enable them to find each other for their particular transaction, as well as so the telephones, fax, telegrams, etc do. Our business transaction can also be conducted quickly and in turn a backlog of work could be solved quickly as communicative technology. Far form that, we can find proper jobs from any companies in the world through internet, no need to come to office as former.

5. Health:
Man’s health is more and more improved, long age as well as high standard of living. Today, many obscure diseases in the past such as malaria, small pox can be diagnosed and be curable owing to medical equipments and modern methods. With the supports of modern operative technology, it is easier and painless to remove tumors or unnecessary parts from our inner. Invention of X-ray machines contribute greatly to find the causes of inner disease. In addition, you may buy many kinds of synthetic medicines for your health, beauty, even your appearance owing to the discoveries of science.

6. Agriculture:
As its development, not only have agricultural tasks on fields relieved but also productivity is increased remarkably and so is the quality. Science helps the agriculture industry in many aspects of cultivation of plants and cattle with the supports of facilities, soil, nourishments, better seeds as well as techniques. For instance, irrigation system controls the amount of water underground. Fertilizers and food could be chosen for suiting the kinds of breeds, weather. Soil analysis helps us finding what is better to grow on our land.

7. Prevent disaster:
Science helps decrease catastrophic effects on human as much as possible resulting from natural disaster such as volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes , even preventing fragments of meteor from falling into the earth’s atmosphere. Scientific geographers can predict when natural disaster will happen so that the government could make a decision to evacuating its citizen for avoiding looses of human as well as assets. The scientists also give a warning of what reasons cause the natural disaster more for avoiding future consequences.

8. Housework:
Housewives’ tasks seem more simple than before and cost less labour when science makes more and more progress. Washing machine, stove, dust allayers, juicier, etc help relive their work so they have much free time for themselves. Hopefully, jobs and work will take all of man and woman all of the world less time for more and more enjoying the life in the future with the development of science.

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